F.A.Q Questions

Our company minarybit.com Ltd is engaged in cryptocurrency trading.
minarybit.com is registered in the United Kingdom as "minarybit.com LTD" with a registration number of #14132507 and The legality of our company's activities can be judged by the presence of all registration documents and licenses allowing us to attract private investment.
Your earnings depend on the chosen tariff plan. The initial profit is 0.97% in 145 hours. Calculate your profit using the calculator on the website homepage.
We have developed a unique flexible investment strategy aimed at diversifying risks, minimizing drawdowns and losses in the event of force majeure events on world markets.
Minimum investment amount $20 Perfect Money, Epaycore and Cryptos.
Minimum withdrawal amount $1 Perfect Money and Epaycore, $30 BitCoin and Ethereum, $10 LiteCoin , DogeCoin , BinanceCoin (BEP-20) , Tron, USDT (TRC20).
Payments are made instantly.
We work with the following payment systems: Perfect Money, Epaycore, BitCoin , Ethereum , LiteCoin , DogeCoin , BinanceCoin (BEP-20) , Tron, USDT (TRC20).
The partner system is presented in 3 levels 6% - 1% - 1%. Payments are received in the currency in which the investments were made by your partners. Withdrawal of funds is instant.
Creating multiple accounts is strictly prohibited by the platform rules. Failure to comply with this rule will result in your account being blocked by the security service.
Use the function «Forgot your password?» by clicking on the login page. In case of any difficulties, feel free to contact our technical support.
Contact our support service in an online chat on the website or telegram chat for advice, they will be happy to help you!